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Exhibitions in Mumbai


Welcome to Shankaram’s Exhibition. Our aims are to establish the highest standards for the exhibition; to attract high end and exclusive customers and affluent fashion-conscious visitors; and to achieve a unparalleled and unrivalled reputation with a wide range.

Shankaram’s Diamond Jewellery including Polki, Jadau is an exceptional artisan exhibition of the most luxurious jewellery. Held annually in Mumbai it attracts lot of potential customers and visitors. The aims of the exhibition are to demonstrate the latest trends in the industry today; showcase the most magnificent gems and jewellery


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Exhibitions in Indore


We continued to attract interested and enthusiastic customers , which has helped made the show one of the most successful in the local market and industry.

"Over the past years Shankaram’s in house exhibition has proved to be a successful event and this year is no exception. It provides the ideal platform for fruitful and highly productive business for all of its visitors, so they can make the most of this brilliant exposition of some of the world’s finest precious gemstones and jewellery designs. Indeed you will be seeing some magnificent jewellery revealed for the first time at the show."

The exhibition has aroused a great interest. There are a growing number of visitors: those who enjoyed it spread the word among their friends


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