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What are the precautions to be taken while buying diamond?

You have to be careful when approaching a diamond dealer. You want to be sure that you do not overpay, and that they deliver the high quality diamond they have promised to you. For that reason, we strongly advise that you only buy loose diamonds that have been certified by external third parties such as AGS or GIA. Every certified diamond comes with a grading report that officially states its qualities. These qualities can vary to different degrees, and even the slightest difference can alter the price significantly. The diamond dealer provides you with the certificate or grading report for the diamond, so that you can make a safe purchase and pay for the quality you were promised.


In determining the quality of the cut, the grader evaluates the cutter’s skill in the fashioning of the diamond. The more precise the cut, the more captivating the diamond is to the eye.


Gem-quality diamonds occur in many hues. In the range from colorless to light yellow or light brown. Colorless diamonds are the rarest. Other natural colors (Blue, Red, Pink for example) are known as fancy, their color grading is different than from white diamonds.


Diamonds can have internal characteristics known as inclusions or external characteristics known as blemishes. Diamonds without inclusions or blemishes are rare; however, most characteristics can only be seen with magnification.


The carat is the diamond’s physical weight measured in metric carats. One carat equals 1/5 gram and is subdivided into 100 points.

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