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Jewellery as an investment
Jewellery as an investment

Of all the precious metals, gold is believed to be the most popular. There are number of factors which influence its price such as central banks, jewellery and industrial demand, gold jewellery recycling, short selling, war, invasion and national emergency. All these factors add in the value of this metal. Investing in jewellery is a very profitable business as its price seldom falls hence it is a win-win situation for the buyer.

Gold is considered to be pure and sacred. This is the reason why toe rings; anklets are not made out of gold owing to the belief that sacred things are not to be touched by feet. Gold is seen as an investment, safe and secure. It can be made use in times of need and emergency. The value of gold is high anytime, even during recessions. Gold is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

India is the largest consumer of gold in the world. Indian love gold jewellery. With the World Gold Council (WGC) aggressively marketing social and religious functions as gold buying events, the demand has shot up in the recent years to record levels.

Gold is seen by people as a way to pass on their wealth as unlike money and other valuables it has retained its value as its price tends to rise as the living price rises. Even in the 1930’s when the value of all other assets fell, gold retained its value. Individuals are said to believe that a little amount of gold can be used to carry a lot of money thus it saves space and is easier to be carried around.

Over the past few years there has been a constant rise in the popularity of the jewellery industry; furthermore the gold bought a decade ago will always result in profit unlike other valuable possessions such as cars; thus it can be said, like vine the older, the better gold is. Gold can be kept in a variety of forms which helps lessen chances of loss. Most of the people, according to researches, prefer to use gold as a means of investment than any other valuable. Gold, as the time is accelerating, is becoming more valuable.

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